The Marvelous Message Of The Gospel


The Gospel {The Good News of Jesus Christ}, is not merely, a philosophy, or an idea, though it does significantly influence one’s worldwide view.

The Gospel is the marvelous message, that the Glory of God came to His people again, in the Person of His Son Christ Jesus.

The Gospel is a life transforming message, that tells people how to be who they were created to be. The Gospel has to be communicated and preaching is God’s primary method. One must hear the Gospel, before accept or rejecting it. This is an important Truth, to take with us on our journey through life.

There are many wonderful ways to share the Truth of the Gospel. Even though the primary way has been preaching, another way is to simply by showing love towards others. By showing the love, Our Lord and Our Friend has so readily available to all, often will lead to inquiry, from a world filled with pain and loneliness.

Jesus Christ is transforming lives today. Wherever He finds a believer who is willing to yield to His will. listen to His Word, and follow His way, He begins to transform that believer and accomplish remarkable things in and through that life.

To all who have received and accepted The Good News {The Gospel}, share it don’t contain it,

The Greatest privilege and pleasure an one can have, is to share The Good News about Our Lord and Our Friend.

God Bless.

O F J.

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