Reflective Moment ‘All Is Vanity’


Most people would know vanity means: 1. excessive pride or desire for praise. but it also means: 2. the quality of being worthless or futile.

Two different sounding concepts, Pride and Worthlessness.

Two of the characteristics that would stop a person from accepting the assistance of God.

Pride: I don’t need God in my life, because I have it all.

Worthlessness: God wouldn’t want me, I am not much good.

All is Vanity comes from the Book of Ecclesiastes. All Solomon’s remarks are persevered in the book of Ecclesiastes for a purpose, to lead us to seek true happiness in God alone. Solomon is not trying to destry all our hopes. He is instead directing them to the only One who can truly fulfill them.

Solomon affirms the value of knowledge, relationship, work and pleasure, but shows us that their value is realized only in their proper place of priority in the light of eternity.

John 3 verse 16:  “For God the world in this way; He gave His One and Only Son, so that ‘Everyone’ who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life”.

Even the most proud can come, if they are prepared to look,  and even the person the feels the most worthless, can come, it is a matter of taking our eyes off ourselves, and accepting the wonderful Salvation God has for ‘Everyone who comes and accepts.

God Bless.


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