Our Experience With The Fire Of God


The harvest is abundant but the Laborers are few. Matthew 9 verse 37;

“But how can they call on Him in Whom they have not believed? And how can they believe without hearing Him? And how can they believe with out a preacher? Romans 10 verse 14:

How can God get His message across, except somebody is prepared to go. Let us look back the Story of Moses and the burning bush. Exodus Chapter 3; Moses who once was a prince of Egypt, but was now tucked away in the wilderness looking after sheep. A good ministry platform, been on the world stage with Pharaoh, and now was looking after a Flock.

Moses like many most likely though he had blown it, he was a wanted man in Egypt, and now he was far from the glamor and the lights, of his once prestigious position.

Moses was a wanted man, but this was a more important wantedness that came with a calling. God wanted him to lead his people who were slaves in Egypt, to freedom.

How did God get Moses’ attention, to what He was calling Moses to do, through a burning bush, burning but not being consumed. Verse 2 & 3:

God asked Moses to remove His shoes, because where he was standing in His Presence was holy ground. Moses shoes were also what Moses used to go everywhere, and God had a new purpose and new place for Moses to go.

God tells Moses eight times, “I AM”. God tells Moses “I Am” sending you to Pharaoh, so that you can lead My people from slavery to freedom. God people were under oppression as slave in a foreign land. The People had been crying to God for help.

God needed to find someone to send, and He was going to send Moses. Perhaps we think we have failed and God can’t use us, for His purposes, but God can. His approach to us might not be as dramatic as a burning bush. But because He has set us free, He is calling us, so His purpose to set the captives free from the darkness of this world, and come into His Kingdom.

The way He has for us to do it, might not be as descriptive as Plagues, but even more powerful, The Name Of Jesus. He has already called us to go, Mark 16 verse 15:

“Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to the whole of creation”.

If we have accepted Him, As Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend, he doesn’t need us, to have a burning bush experience, He has told us to go, because we are now ambassadors of His Kingdom.

The fields are white with harvest, and when we see the need, we should only be to happy to represent Him, to our friends, our neighbors and our little corner of the world.

God Bless.

O F J.

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