Reflective Moment No God, No Real Satisfaction


People were designed and created to live in complete harmony with nature. After the fall this harmony was damaged but not completely broken.

Now if we take that to a more serious level, the fall brought disharmony between the Creator and the Creation. this enmity or disharmony between God and His creation {mankind} is the state in which we were born.

People are never fully content or satisfied in their existence until they are brought, back into harmony with God. That choice is made available to everyone {Whosoever}  by God. John 3 verse 16, but the choice is ours to accept.

In the New Testament, scripture teaches that this relationship can only occur as a result of repentance and acceptance, and by repentance and acceptance, right relationship is restored with our Loving Creator God.

God is waiting, but the choice is ours, to be brought back into harmony, with and in everything we were created for, by Him.

The choice He has put before all of us, has an awesome blessing of being able to communicate with Him, in a life everlasting.

God Bless.

O F J.

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