A Blessed And Holy Christmas To All


Oh the wonders of Christmas time, it has come around again.

Two Trees ministries was established so that people anywhere and everywhere can come to know Our Awesome Loving God.

The Amazing Love that God has for us all, so lets look at one of the vital aspects of the Christmas and Gospel message. The virgin birth of Jesus Christ is the most wonderful and vital fact to the truth of the Good News, which brings newness of life to all who accept.

Since Jesus Christ is God. He existed before Mary, therefore, He could not have been conceived as are all other babies. He was not only born, but He “came into the world.”   {John 18 verse 37}.

Jesus Christ is both God and man, the sinless lamb of God {1 Peter 1 verse 19}.

The Message of Christmas is “God with us”. In reading the Gospel of Matthew the Gospel opens and closes with this message. {Math 1 v 23 and Mathew 28 v 30}.

So let this Christmas time be a time for us all to reflect “God with Us.”

Christmas time is a time of great love and joy, share it with all those you meet and particularly those closest to you. It is also a time for refreshing.

Our writings are not only to encourage all who read them, but to encourage us at the ministry as we delve deeper in to His word.

We are taking some time off. and will be back more enthused then ever to share the Good News of Our Lord, Our Redeemer and  Our Friend in the New Year.

Have a Very Blessed and Merry Christmas from all at Two Trees {My Lord and My Friend} Ministries.

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