A Week To Enjoy God’s Love

All of this week we have tried to favor most of our writings around the topic of LOVE. Love is probably the most misquoted word, used in today’s society.

Love is a choice, but unfortunately in today’s society, love is described in terms of passion, sexuality, lust or blind devotion.

This sort of love looks only for it’s own gain and can walk away if it’s demands and needs go unmet or unsatisfied.

The God kind of Love took Jesus {The Son of God} to the cross to die a painful death, as one of us, but He did it out of love, to give us new life with Him, at His resurrection.

This is stunning love, at anytime, Jesus could have said, He had enough and was not going to go through with enduring the cross. The truth of this love is, it wasn’t the nails that held Him to the cross, it was His love for us, and to complete the task His Father gave to Him.  Jesus was God and is God, He is one with the Father and The Holy Spirit.

We will finish our week on love, with our weekly book of the Bible at a glance. This week it is the book of love ‘song of Songs’, here we believe are the lessons in True Love. Solomon was intoxicated with the love of his bride.{Song of Songs 4 verse10}

In our Flash back article, we will feature Hosea at a glance. This is another love story. God called Hosea to pursue a radically different kind of love, one based on a conscious choice to be committed to someone else for her benifit, regardless of her response to the gift. {Hosea 3 verse1 to 3}

Love is both a difficult and wonderful subject to write about. The Love of god is amazing and beautiful, which we hope every reader finds for themselves

We have enjoyed writing, Dealing with difficulties of love and also sex, just as we enjoyed writing on song of songs and Hosea.

Read them all and enjoy, and hopefully reflect on just how much Our Lord and Our Friend loves each one of us, as individuals.

God Bless.

O F J.

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