You Can Be Healed


I really felt drawn to writing about this. We as a human race, as a chosen human race have been deceived for far too long. For time innumerable, we have delegated our authority to church leaders, or public speakers, politicians, etc. Where as in reality when we don’t use our authority we are choosing to be powerless, yet we don’t know it. Because we have been deceived.

You see scripture says that the same portion of faith/authority that Jesus has, has been delegated to us. Jesus did not have a drop more authority or faith than any one of us. He was the demonstration, the outworking of what is normal for us human beings, and to do that he was limited by the very same things that we have been equipped with.

And it’s that authority, and that faith that is going to bring you your breakthrough and your healing. Sure your faith may have taken a battering, sure you may have been hurt, sure people you have prayed for haven’t been healed or received breakthrough, but that doesn’t deny the very power, the same power that raised Christ from the dead that lives in us, that we need to pray for others and receive for ourselves.

Now on the flip side, our enemy has no authority except for the authority we give Him. Now don’t get me wrong he is sly, he is a master liar, and deception is his middle name so he is still dangerous, but that is the only power he has. In fact the bible states that “he goes around like a roaring lion looking for who he may devour. But resist him and he will flee from you.”

A few things like that

1. He goes around like a lion – He acts to be a lion to scare you. If he acted like himself we’d all laugh at him. He is powerless.

2. looking for who he may devour – He looks for those weak and broken down. He won’t bother those who know his true place on the pecking order. THE VERY BOTTOM.

3. You resist him, he flees from you – You don’t even need to fight him. You break that word down and it suggests if you don’t do what he wants you to, he flees. He’s afraid. He knows that you have the one thing that can stop him in his tracks. The name, power, and authority of Jesus Christ.

You can destroy the enemies work by knowing that you have this authority. All he’s doing is using your unused authority against you. Well NO more. You can have breakthrough and healing, you have the authority to speak to the mountains in your life. Speak to them, and they will throw themselves into the ocean.

Take up your authority and be healed, it’s yours to declare! The works of the enemy are subject to the authority that is rightfully yours as a joint heir with christ. They have no right, nor the permission to do anything to you and your Christ like authority is there to free you. Satan and his keen have no authority, don’t let them decieve you any more. He’s pathetic, and we’re all too willing to talk him up and give him more power and authority than he’s got. Get angry and fight. You have a purpose, you have a reason, you have a destiny, and the enemy wants nothing more than to distract you from it. He wants to steal it.

Well no more! Not for me and my life. I am taking back whats mine, and living my life the way God intended it when He created me. Won’t you join me?

– The Kid

P.s. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to pray for and see people healed. This revelation was paramount for me to be able to do this. With this authority the works of the enemy are destroyed. Not just overseas on a missions trip. But here at home. And if I can do it, than anyone can! Below is just a short list of healing’s I’ve been a part of from believing in God’s word and taking hold of my authority.

  • Blind eyes opened, after 30 year blindness
  • Deaf and mute girl speaking and hearing after being deaf and mute from birth
  • colour restored in a colour blind man
  • arthritis healed
  • throat cancer healed
  • Scoliosis healed, plus one leg growing out to match the length of the other
  • Numerous colds and flus
  • a broken arm healed
  • fractured hand
  • taste buds being re created
  • and many more than I can list here.

Don’t be afraid, don’t doubt any more. build your faith back up through God’s word and prayer, and fight the enemies deception. Jesus demonstrated what we are capable of, if only we would do it!

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