Zephaniah At A Glance

The day of The Lord.

Zephaniah was a member of royalty. A distant, admittedly, but his great-great grandfather was King Hezekiah. Because of Zephaniah standing this message is all the more shocking.

Zephaniah concentrates on the theme of “the day of the Lord’, which the Judeans self-righteously believes would be the time when they have the power and control. Instead Zephaniah tells them that it is a day when they, too will be judged.

The King at the time King Josiah was a reforming king. this could possibly because Zephaniah message was being felt.

The judgement of Judah is proclaimed in apocalyptic terms, which is reminiscent of floods in Noah time in Genesis.

We humans keep looking for a religion that will give us access to God without having to bother with people. we want to go to God for comfort and inspiration when we are fed up with the people around us. The determination to get ourselves a religion that gives us an inside track with God, but leaves us free to deal with people however we like, has been around for a long time. It is the sort of religion that has been promoted and marketed with both zeal and skill throughout history. This type is always booming. It is also the sort of religion that the Biblical prophets are determined to up root.

The true meaning of relationship with God is, ‘Everything we do or think or feel has to do with God. Every person we meet has to do with God.’We live in a vast world of interconnection and the connections have consequences, either in things or in people, and all the consequences come together in God. The Biblical phrase for the coming together of the consequences is The Day of The Lord.

Zephaniah 3 verses 8 to 20. the Day of the Lord will come. the world will be cleansed. Those who are truly humble will find safety. Those who ‘live right and refuse to tell lies, will eat and sleep in safety.

This will be a time for celebration. Zephaniah paints a wonderful picture of God and His people delighting in one another, shouting and singing at the top of their voices. But God will also celebrate . ‘HE celebrates and sings because of you, and He will refresh your life with his love’. {Zep 3 verse 17}.

We think that our relationship with God {Our Lord and Friend} is only a one-way thing; we forget that God delights in us. Jesus talks about the angels throwing a party every time one sinner repents. {Luke 15 verse 10}.

The bible makes it clear God is exceedingly happy when people make the choice to follow him, just as He is exceedingly sad when people turn away.

Key verse in Zephaniah 2 verse 3 ” If you humbly obey the Lord, then come and worship Him.”

One thing to remember from this message judgement is coming, but the future is bright for God’s people. We have a future and a destiny.

Read Zephaniah and enjoy.

God Bless.

O F J.

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