His Banner Over Me Is Love

I was at a wedding recently, and my attention was drawn to the types of clothing worn by those in the wedding party. I was interested because clothes really do signify many things about the individual wearing them. However, I don’t want to write about the properties and value of garments in the physical realm, what I do want to write about is how God has brought this topic to my attention.

Some years ago, God spoke to me in a dream about the garments the High Priest wore in the Old Testament temple when they went to worship. The explanation of the dream unfolded at church the next morning, where the teaching was all about the garments worn by the High priest as they worshiped God, and how Jesus is our high priest. If you are interested in that topic, you can read all about those garments in the book of Exodus. Hebrews talks a lot about Jesus as our high priest, but for this article it will suffice to say I was in awe that God had spoken to me in a dream.

Another incident regarding garments occurred when I was praying for a lady, I had just met at a home-group, I had a sense I was kneeling and sewing the hem of her garment. I shared my experience and left her to seek the Lord for her own insight/understanding. A dressmaker would say that the hem gives a garment a beautiful finish, and makes the garment ready to wear.

At the wedding I attended I remembered how there had been a third time when God had spoken to me about the importance of garments. It had taken place a few years ago on a prayer line after the minister of the gospel had spoken about the Courts of Heaven. He had a prophetic word for the congregation. He stated God was going to give us a new garment. What did that mean I mused? I had no sense of a garment of any kind being placed on me and definitely had no understanding of what the significance of the garment was. Joy filled my spirit but I didn’t sense the garment but chose to believe I had received one.

At the wedding, all eyes are on the bride and groom’s attire. Some in the audience admired their outfits, some were indifferent. No matter how people responded, their garments identify who they were. The most important people in the room, the Bride and Groom.

As I reflect on those three encounters with the Lord, I can see the jewel is in knowing that when God speaks it is always to enlarge our understanding of Him, and to build our confidence in His word. The garments God gives us to wear allow others to identify our role in His Kingdom, just as the bride and groom, the high priests, and an almost completed garment identified their purpose by their garment. Even after Jesus had died on the cross, His garments is mentioned because it has significance.

Love and Blessings.


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