His Banner Over Me Is Love

These days we express ourselves using various forms of communication, such as texting; Facebook and many other forms of social media to share our ideas and our life to others. I find it enjoyable to use these different forms of media, especially listening to music. As a Christian I need to connect, and communicate with my life source; My Heavenly Father.

In the Old Testament people would go to the prophets to inquire of God, and He would answer them. Today we are very blessed because God speaks through His son Jesus. All we have to do is listen. As I pondered that thought, a song came to my mind: “Great are you Lord.”

It is a song by All Sons & Daughters. The lyrics are fabulous, “You give life. You are love. You bring light into darkness. You give hope. You restore hearts that are broken. Great are you Lord. … We pour out our praise. We pour out our praise”. The words “We pour out our praises” tugged at my heart strings; so much so that I thought I must be meant to chat about praise.

It would have been easy to meditate on the lyrics of the song, but the blessing was not in the words or the music. The blessing was God’s presence; The Holy Spirit was making me aware that He was with me, He heard me, and because of that impression and the sense of God’s presence, I was able to write this testimony. Gratitude stirred within me. Great is our God! Thank You Jesus.

Love and Laughter


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