His Banner Over Me Is Love

Learning to hear God’s voice has taken me on many adventures. Some close to home and others further afield. Regardless of the location, the jewels that are mine to share, were found in ordinary, everyday activities. Such as the day I was reading my bible trying to understand this amazing Jesus I had committed my life to some months earlier. As I read the bible that morning, two words stood out on the page “Follow me”. They seemed important, as if someone had spoken them, but I didn’t hear a voice. I just knew they were significant for me, God wanted me to follow Him. How, where and why was a mystery?

I committed my day to The Lord and went about my daily tasks. After I had completed my tasks, and was feeling a little lost as to what to do next, a woman I’d met at church came to mind, so off I went to visit her. I knocked on her door, and much to my delight, I was invited in. Wow! Wasn’t I in for a treat? There, seated at her table, were a group of people participating in an intercessory prayer meeting.

I had no idea what intercessory prayer was, nor did I know Christians were meant to pray for others. Interesting lesson in itself. Why would I want to pray for others? Let’s be real, I wanted God to bless me. I needed to talk with God about me and my needs, not other people’s. That morning I learnt all Christians are all meant to pray for others and that it is a delight to do so.

Over the following years my life unfolded in ways unimaginable, all I had to do was “Follow Him”. In Jeremiah 29:11, God tells us that He knows the plans and purposes He has for us.

How exciting to realise that our lives are filled with God’s divine interventions; and as we respond to His voice, life will change and become more abundant. In John 10:10, the word tells us that Jesus came to give life in all its fullness.

Love and laughter


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