His Banner Over Me Is Love

The scripture; His Banner Over Me Is Love, came to me when I inquired of the Lord as to what I should write under. Song of Solomon 2 Verse 4.

When I was given the opportunity to share some encouragement to bless others. I went straight to my prayer closet, my office, and inquired of the Lord about what scripture I should use to write under; my logo so to speak. The words; His Banner Over Me Is Love, were as clear as crystal in my mind. The scripture is found in Song of Solomon Chapter 2 Verse 4

At a Christian conference a few years ago, God spoke to me in a vision. In that vision, I was being ushered into a banqueting hall dressed in royal robes, I felt ever so elegant and regal as my hand rested on the arm of the King. The tables were set ready for guests, the banqueting hall was full of splendor; and yet it had a sense of being ancient as if it had always been. My confidence in the identity of the King whose table I was about to sit down and dine with, filled me with delight and Joy. The vision ended before I sat down.

A banner represents the identity of the owner, in this case – God who is Love! 1 John 4:16 states God is love. Whoever lives in love, lives in God, and God in them. It is so exciting to know God’s banner over me is love. He is the King of Kings, Ancient of Days (before time) the living God who is Jehovah-Nissi. God’s love is my banner.

I am hoping as we venture on this journey together celebrating Gods’ love we will be reminded that God speaks no matter what our circumstances are. Knowing that God is love, when He speaks, we can be confident it will be life giving and for our welfare.



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