His Banner Over Me Is Love

We here at My Lord My Friend Ministries are proud to introduce our latest writer Zoe and her wonderful articles ‘His Banner Over Me Is Love’. We are sure you will enjoy Zoe’s great weekly articles.


On a sail boat, somewhere in the Caribbean, I met a very interesting, gentleman celebrating his fiftieth wedding anniversary. We got chatting and he shared his testimony of his encounter with the living word (God) many years previously.

He was engaged to be married and thought he should be feeling complete, but something was missing. So, he went to his priest, (yes, he was a church goer) and explained how he was feeling. He explained how he loved his fiancé and delighted to spend time with her but had this emptiness he couldn’t explain. His priest inquired about his daily spiritual practise; was he reading the bible, saying his prayers. He explained how he always made time in his day to read the bible and have his prayer time. The priest encouraged him to continue what he was doing and reassured him that all would be well. He followed the priest’s advice and after being married for some time he noted that nothing had changed, he still felt unfulfilled, as if something was still missing from his life. He had council with parish priest again, who repeated the same advice he had given him on his previous visit, keep reading the bible and have time with God. Then, one day as he opened his bible, the words on the page turned to pure gold. He was in awe of God and His word. He knew at that moment he was complete.

God’s word has greater value than we can possibly imagine. Fifty years later that gentleman still delighted in the reality of God and His word.



2 responses to “His Banner Over Me Is Love

  1. This is great! God so longs to meet with us, we have to keep pushing through in reading His Word, prayer and spending time in His presence.

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