Now, Then And Therefore



Have you ever been awed and amazed at the endless lake of forgiveness God’s heart holds for you? Time and time again he offers that gift of love to touch your heart and soul.

I, once again, have been reading about David’s sinful manipulating to possess Bathsheba. His lust led to murdering Uriah after he, David, took Bathsheba and so then plotted death of her husband. Sins of secrecy, deceit, hypocrisy, adulterous intent, disrespect for the Lord’s word, shameful exposure with disregard for consequences of his actions. David persisted even though aware of Bathsheba’s period of mourning. He installed her in his house, where she gave birth to a son. So far, no consequences until the Lord in his deep displeasure spoke, ‘Why did you despise the word of the Lord what is evil in his eyes? Out of your house will now come a calamity.’

God calls on accountability and shame to David’s heart. Through the prophet Nathan who warns David of his sins, David says, ’I have sinned against the Lord.’ Nathan replies,

‘You are not going to die, the Lord has taken away your sin, but by doing this, the enemies of the Lord now show him contempt. Your son will now die’

And so it was. David’s son died on the seventh day. Consequences arise from contempt of the Lord’s laws. The saga began with David trying to cover his tracks with Uriah’s death but nothing is hidden from the God of forgiveness. He is the author of NOW-THEN-AND THEREFORE, the finisher of our sinful deeds and the merciful judge of all our lives on earth. Therefore he constantly prepares us for heaven. Therefore show no cause for contempt for our God. Not now or then.

Be Blessed


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