Weekend Inspiration



see the sunset reflected on a snow covered mountain tower,

below is an avenue of old oak trees with spreading emerald leaves,

as amber twilight brushes roads east and west, swept by winds of power,

chasing silver edged clouds that pass above, seeking a moon to retrieve the ocean spray of gentle waves and to pave a golden path of moonlight

in a shining glimpse of God’s landscapes of glory and in awe of sight.

Lord, I exult thee.


I see the love of those who care for the homeless and lost,

for young ones addicted to drugs on streets at midnight,

shuffling, disorientated, unloved, hungry, will live at a cost,

memories fade, faces listless and eyes dull, can they come right?

Adrift from loved ones who pray and love, believe and hope

but time passes, address unknown and yet still try to cope.

Lord, I trust you to one day,release them to exultation.


Broken relationships, countries at war, religion splintered,

what more to endure, earthquakes increases in damage.

Crimes abound, violence enough that others die, unlimited,

young ones abused, valued not, innocence taken so savage,

emotions devoured by rage causing fear, the urge to destroy,

no respect for families, of the law or of property they ravage


Yet, I also see lives changed amidst the wonder of your earth.

I see your hand in every event, in the gifts of your nature,

he gifts of your love, compassion,and mercy as we search,

your scriptures, spiritual truths, of the end  times rapture,

of the sorrows and pain we surrender  in every way to you,

as our heavenly savior, you know what you must do,

I exult you in worship. I place my life and my loved ones with you

in all situations I know you will follow through.

I exult thee Lord.

Lorraine c 2016



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